Breast Health

Why breast health for teens?

Nova Scotia has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in Canada. It's time to change those statistics so that less of you get breast cancer in your lifetime. By realizing that HOW you live your life in your teen years helps reduce your chances of getting breast cancer in the future, you can help protect yourself. Nothing is ever guaranteed, as we know, but let's put the odds in your favour! Check out the Live Pink presentation in English & French!
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  • Live P.I.N.K. over your entire lifetime.
  • Practice what you know
    • eat healthy
    • be active
    • don’t smoke
    • don’t drink
  • Investigate the information, know fact from fiction.
  • know what’s Normal for your body and breasts.
  • Knowledge is power
Have you given much thought to your breasts besides buying bras for them? Breasts are a big part of what makes us female: fashion, function, and femininity. So they are a little important, right! Become breast aware, which means:
  • get to know how your breast material FEELS when you press firmly using three fingers over the entire breast area;
  • check how your breasts LOOK when you look at them in a mirror - front on - sideways - with arms up in the air;
  • FEED your body with healthy food and liquids because what you eat or drink has an affect on every cell in your body, including the cells in your breasts;
  • PROTECT your breasts from cigarette smoke - directly or through second-hand smoke;
  • protect your breasts by AVOIDING alcohol - it's cancer causing;
  • PROTECT your breasts from harmful chemicals by avoiding products that have cancer causing products - chemicals penetrate into your body;
  • ASK a doctor to perform a breast examination after the age of 20 - he/she will check the entire breast area and under your armpits;
  • find ways to DE-STRESS throughout your life because prolonged periods of stress effect your immune system;
  • when you're OVER 40 get a mammogram; and
  • if you find:  a lump, skin thickening, change in appearance, abnormal nipple discharge, or an orange peel look , VISIT YOUR DOCTOR!