Smoothies can be a great addition to your daily diet: not only do they taste fantastic, they're perfect for busy, on-the-go youth. They're filling and they're a good source of fruit and nut daily intake! The following are all very simple, easy to make recipes you and your friends can enjoy, regardless of the season.


Breakfast Super-Smoothie

Ingredients: (for two) 1 Handful of ice 1 Cup of blueberries, frozen or fresh 1/2 Cup of seedless orange, peeled and cut into pieces 1/2 Cup of yogurt, plain or blueberry 1/4 Cup of oats 1/4 Cup of walnuts, chopped 1/4 Cup of dates 1 Cup of frozen banana, sliced Milk or water
First, blend the dates and walnuts until it is no longer chunky. Then, place the rest of the ingredients in a blender and mix well, making sure to chop up the ice as well. Add milk or water to desired consistency.

Raspberry Rise & Shine

1 Cup chilled orange juice ½ Cup non-fat raspberry yogurt ½ frozen banana 1-1/2 Cups frozen raspberries
Pour orange juice into blender, add yogurt, banana, and raspberries and blend at high speed until smooth.

Strawberry Sunrise

1 Cup orange juice ½ Cup non-fat vanilla yogurt ½ frozen banana 1 tablespoon wheat germ 1 Cup frozen strawberries 1 tablespoon honey  (optional)
Pour orange juice, yogurt, banana, wheat germ and strawberries into blender. Blend at high speed until smooth. Add honey for extra sweetness.

Delicious Daybreak

1 Cup orange juice ½ Cup non-fat vanilla yogurt ½ Cup frozen strawberries ½ Cup cantaloupe chunks 1 frozen banana 1 tablespoon granola (optional)
Pour orange juice, yogurt, strawberries and cantaloupe into blender. Pulse until combined, then add banana and blend at high speed until smooth. Add granola for more fiber.

Blueberry Beginnings

1 Cup white grape juice ½ Cup non-fat blueberry yogurt ½ frozen banana 1 Cup frozen blueberries
Pour white grape juice, yogurt, banana, and blueberries into blender. Blend at high speed until smooth.

Desert Date Smoothie

Ingredients: (for seven) 1/3 Cup of date pieces 1/2 Cup of pecan pieces 1/3 Cup of milk powder 2 Cup of frozen, sliced bananas 2 cup of ice 2 cup of water 1 tablespoon of vanilla/maple extract (optional)
Because this is a larger recipe, blend 1/2 of the recipe at a time. First, grind the nuts and the dates, and add all the other ingredients until the mixture is thick and smooth. Not only could this recipe make a smoothie, but it makes for a great addition to a waffle, a French toast, or a granola as well!

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Peanut Butter Banana-rama

Ingredients: (for two) 1/2 cup skim milk 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt, fat free 1 medium banana 1 tbsp peanut butter 5 ice cubes
Place all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.


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